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Botox Treatment Of Trapezius Muscles

  • $420.00
  • $435.00
Therapeutic Botox

Purchase a Botox e-gift card to use towards your Botox Treatment for Trapezius Muscles, or "TrapTox" treatment. Actual dosage of neuromodulator will be discussed at your complimentary consultation with our expert nurse injectors. Gift card is for 25, 50 or 100 units of therapeutic Botox.


BOTOX® and other neuromodulators such as Dysport and Xeomin are used as an aesthetic and therapeutic treatment of the trapezius muscles.


Botox injections of the trapezius muscles reduce the appearance of bulky shoulders and create elongation of the neckline by decreasing the bulkiness and size of this muscle. As an added benefit, this treatment creates the illusion of a longer neckline and improve asymmetry amongst the trap muscles.


This therapeutic treatment also delivers relief from tension and spasms in the neck and shoulder area. Our advanced injecting technique allows our injectors to isolate trigger points and pain or tension held within the neck and shoulders, often a result of hunching over or other improper body mechanics.


It can also be used to relax specific muscles and provide significant relief to patients with muscle tension. This therapeutic treatment is offered at $14 per unit for Botox.

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