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  1. Body Treatments-Emsella Treatment-Blue Water Spa
  1. Cleansers-Gentle Foaming Cleanser-Blue Water Spa
  1. Body Treatments-V-Beam Perfecta Laser-Blue Water Spa
  1. Serums-Lipopeptide Hydrogel-Blue Water Spa
  1. Exfoliants + Masks-Daily AHA + BHA Exfoliating Pads-Blue Water Spa
  1. Cleansers-Foaming AHA + BHA Purifying Cleanser-Blue Water Spa
  1. Serums-Vitamin C Gel Complex-Blue Water Spa
  1. Eye Treatments-VitaPeptide Brightening Eye Complex-Blue Water Spa
  1. Sun Protection-BB Mineral Cream SPF 40-Blue Water Spa
  1. Moisturizers-Intensive Recovery Moisturizer-Blue Water Spa
  1. Sun Protection-BB Mineral Cream SPF 50+ (Ultra Restorative)-Blue Water Spa
  1. Moisturizers-Hyaluronic Ceramide Cream-Blue Water Spa
  1. Cleansers-Moisture Replenishing Cleanser-Blue Water Spa
  1. Treatments-Laser Skin Tightening-Blue Water Spa
  1. Gift Cards-Laser Hair Removal E-Gift Card-Blue Water Spa
  1. Facial Treatments-LED Gentlewaves Treatment Package-Blue Water Spa
  1. Moisturizers-Barrier Restorative Ultragel-Blue Water Spa
  1. Set the Mood-Envy Anti-Aging Pillow-Blue Water Spa
  1. Eye Treatments-Dual Advanced Evening Refining System for the Eyes-Blue Water Spa
  1. Moisturizers-NiaComplex-Blue Water Spa
  1. Face Treatments-HydraFacial Bliss-Blue Water Spa
  1. Moisturizers-Advanced Refining Cream for the Face-Blue Water Spa
  1. Serums-Retinol 100 Serum-Blue Water Spa
  1. Moisturizers-Biomimetic Antioxidant Emulsion (B.A.E)-Blue Water Spa