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CoolSculpting Special Gift Card

  • $1,600.00

Use code 'SUMMERBODY' to receive exclusive pricing on CoolSculpting treatments.

Now is the perfect chance to complete your body goals! Twice the treatment in half the time!

Blue Water Spa is Raleigh's top Coolsculpting provider for both men and women. Our highly trained and Expert Body Treatment Specialists see multiple patients daily and are passionate about dramatic results! A very technique-dependent procedure, not all providers are created equal. Our results speak for themselves.

At Blue Water Spa, we understand the importance of placing appropriate applicators in ideal positions to ensure optimal results. As a top provider of Coolsculpting in The Triangle, we will only perform the treatment on a patient we feel will have definite results. We are looking for clients to trust us and we feel confident we can build those relationships for life.