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BWS Bright + Blend Antioxidant Pads

  • $203.00

These potent and antioxidant rich glow-getters lift pigmentation and promote even skin tone with ingredients like Kojic acid (iykyk) and Vitamin C. Suitable for use on any area of the face and body where stubborn pigmentation is found. 

Pro-tip: Use the Bright + Blend Antioxidant Pads for harder to reach body areas and don't forget the backs of hands and Décolleté (trust us on this one!). 


Bright + Blend Antioxidant Pads are formulated with skin lightening and therapeutic ingredients. This effectively treats stubborn hyperpigmentation without irritation.

Kojic acid suppresses tyrosinase formation responsible for hyperpigmentation, Vitamin C brightens and smooths the skin, and Green Tea extract helps reduce dryness and irritation.

Ideal for use on any area of the face or the body where skin discoloration is a concern, and suitable for acne-prone skin.