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Coolsculpting Treatments

  • $1,600.00

Purchasing a e-gift card for Coolsculpting is now easy! Could be for you or someone you love! 

2 Cycles – $1,600 ($800 per cycle)

4 Cycles - $2,800 ($700 per cycle)

6 Cycles - $3,600 ($600 per cycle)

8 Cycles - $4,000 ($500 per cycle)

10 Cycles - $4,500 ($450 per cycle)

Coolsculpting Areas Include: 
  • Lower abdomen (under belly button)
  • Upper abdomen (above belly button)
  • Under breast/ribs
  • Love handles (side)
  • Love handles (back)
  • Upper love handles
  • Lower love handles
  • Lower bra roll
  • Upper bra roll/armpit
  • Inner (upper) thighs
  • Back of upper arms
  • Banana roll (under glutes)
  • Chin
  • Lower abdomen (below belly button)
  • Upper abdomen (above belly button)
  • Larger love handles
  • Outer thighs
  • Center of abdomen

Freeze fat with minimal to no downtime!

Blue Water Spa is Raleigh's top Coolsculpting provider for both men and women. Our highly trained and Expert Body Treatment Specialists see multiple patients daily and are passionate about dramatic results! A very technique-dependent procedure, not all providers are created equal. Our results speak for themselves. At Blue Water Spa, we understand the importance of placing appropriate applicators in ideal positions to ensure optimal results. As a top provider of Coolsculpting in The Triangle, we will only perform the treatment on a patient we feel will have definite results. We are looking for clients to trust us and we feel confident we can build those relationships for life.

Purchasing a giftcard for Coolsculpting is now easy!

What is Coolsculpting? Coolsculpting is FDA-approved technology used to target stubborn fat and freeze fat cells for good. This non-invasive procedure is perfect for clients looking for a body transformation boost with ZERO downtime.

Why Coolsculpting at Blue Water Spa?

  • Transparency in pricing
  • Best Coolsculpting in The Triangle, with our Coolsculpting Specialists
  • Technique-driven
  • Medical Spa owned and operated by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Law
  • Voted Best Med Spa in Raleigh
  • Complimentary Vibration Therapy aids lymphatic drainage for optimal results (not a standard add-on at other facilities)
  • Additional treatments available such as Emsculpt and Endermologie to get the most out of your results.

*A consultation is required to move forward with the Coolsculpting treatment. Clients must be deemed a candidate in order to move forward with the procedure. If a client is not a candidate we can suggest other transformative body treatments to reach your desired goals, add a credit to your account or give a full refund to the purchaser. Please note: if you are purchasing without a previous consultation with one of our Body Treatment Specialists, multiple sessions or multiple applicators may be needed to achieve your desired goals.