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The BWS Chemical Peel

  • $125.00

The BWS Chemical Peel starts with the skin being gently cleansed. Blue Water Spa uses a wide variety of safe and effective chemical exfoliators made with natural fruit acids and antioxidants. These custom peels are designed to reduce the appearance of aging, environmental damage, hyperpigmentation and rough, dry skin.

A custom masque is applied to rejuvenate the skin. While you masque, a light massage is performed for relaxation. Thorough deep pore cleansing is performed precisely to minimize irritation and purge any build up within the pores.

Our BWS philosophy is “safe and consistent” so our peels are medical grade and effective, but will not burn you. We will start mild and increase with each treatment. We have over 200 peel combinations that range from very gentle for the most red, dry, sensitive skin, to strong highly concentrated acids for thick damaged skin.

Our no-burn medical grade peels consist of safe and effective ingredients designed to target specific skin concerns and visibly improve the condition. These peels can be performed as a stand-alone treatment or added to another facial service.

The facial starts with the skin being gently cleansed. A degreaser may then be used to rid the skin of any oils or makeup. Protective barrier balm is applied around the eyes, nose and mouth to prevent dryness. The chemical acid is applied and left on the skin for a recommended amount of time. You will receive a post care instruction card to review and follow for post care.

Our regular peel is deep cleansing with extractions, mask, shoulder massage, and custom finishing products.


-Avoid sun exposure or waxing of the treatment area for 5 days prior to your treatment.

-Do not use any topical prescription products that cause sensitivity (e.g. hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, retinols, and benzoyl peroxide) on treated areas for 5 days before treatment.

-Do not have any facial laser treatments for at least 14 days before treatment.