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Post-Sun Repair Facial

  • $150.00

This deeply hydrating and restorative treatment was carefully curated for skin that has had too much sun exposure. This treatment focuses on repairing sun-kissed skin by replenishing hydration and infusing the skin with healing antioxidants and cooling, pure oxygen. Your skin will literally be glowing.

The Post-Sun Repair Facial, 45 minutes


The Post-Sun Repair Facial begins with the skin being gently cleansed to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production. This leaves the skin smooth and renewed. A hydrating lotion is massaged into the upper body or scalp while steam activates an enzyme exfoliation for the face and neck. Thorough deep pore cleansing is performed precisely to minimize irritation and purge any build up within the pores.


You will receive our popular Signature Facial Lifting Massage. The Signature Facial Lifting Massage is designed to target trigger points, release tension, and drain fluids. This massage firms the skin and increases circulation to help nourish the cells. It also moves the lymphatic system to drain excess fluids from the face and neck leaving a firmer brighter complexion.


A moisture infusing mask is applied to nourish the skin. A pure, cooling oxygen treatment cools and further hydrates the skin.  The oxygen acts as a delivery system for our anti-inflammatory serum.


A custom product application completes this therapeutic and revitalizing treatment. These are applied while the skin is in its most receptive state for maximum penetration of these precious healing ingredients.


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