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NuCèlle Mandelic Toner

  • $10.00

NuCèlle Mandelic Toner • Step 2 lifts and helps to remove impurities. It provides hydration that penetrates deep into the pores, while protecting the skin from environmental debris. NuCèlle's Mandelic Toner is powerful and effective, but also gentle enough to apply before and after cosmetic treatments.

It is rich with antioxidants and contains algae extract. This toner is anti-bacterial and non-comedogenic. It also has mandelic acid, which is an AHA that eliminates dirt, debris and impurities while toning and hydrating the skin.

Who Should Use This Toner

NuCèlle Rx Mandelic Toner is ideal for acne-prone, dry, and/or sensitive skin types. It also makes the perfect skincare for those with eczema and psoriasis.

Skincare Instructions

Put small amount of the gel-like toner on a cotton ball or pad and apply all over the face and neck. It is recommended to use twice daily.

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